5 Sophisticated Ways to Nail the Tie Dye Trend This Year

5 Sophisticated Ways to Nail the Tie Dye Trend This Year

The sensational art of fabric dyeing has hit the runways hard this year! Tie-dye has scaled its way from summer craft projects of yesteryear to a high-fashion status, and is currently headlining as the ‘’Hottest Trend of 2019’’! An aesthetic use of colors was the rule of thumb at all the major spring-summer runways. 2019’s tie-dye is punchy yet classy, and is likely to be all over the place, from celebrity street-style to beach scenes.

Tie Dye’s Fashion Twist:

Tie dye is a trend that reminds us of freedom and adventure! While sticking to the laid-back appeal of animated tie-dye garbs of the 1960s, now designers are incorporating elements that emphasize sartorial elegance, such as sleek tailoring and breezy pastel and neutral palettes. Distinctly bright shades have blended to create beautiful and velvety tones.  Modern tie-dye garments feel crisp and groovy, bohemian yet fitted, nostalgic yet of the moment.

Despite these modern updates, it is quite a task to style hippie clothing in a sophisticated manner!  Below, we have laid out five chic ways to adopt the tie-dye trend, which will push you to experiment with colors and slay in your unique style!

Team Tie-Dye with Black: Many colorful designs, such as stripes and polka dots, look wonderful when combined with each other. But for tie-dye, the right way to wear it is allowing your color-stained piece to do all the talking! Tie-dye looks great teamed with solid colors, especially black. A high-quality tie dye shirt paired with slim black denims is enough to turn heads.

Opt for Neutral Tie Dye Patterns: It’s easier to look matured and sophisticated in neutral colors. So, if you wish to add some grown-up elegance to your look, choose black, beige and other neutral shaded patterns – such unique tie dye clothing will make you look solemn yet stylish!

Pair Tie Dye with Classic Pieces: Sharp tailoring is a great way to polish hippie style clothing. As mentioned before, tie-dye clothes are statement-makers. Let them be the highlight of your look, while you add refinement with pieces such as neutral trousers or sleek blue denims.  Tie dye tank top for women look wonderful paired with such classic items.

Keep Accessories Low-key: Tie dye is naturally bold and attention-grabbing. So, avoid bulking up in accessories that look too flashy as your entire attire may look a little costume-like! Opt for subtle ornaments and let your boho dress stay in the spotlight.

Layer Up: Sometimes a flash of tie-dye is all that is needed to enliven your look! So, don’t be in two minds about layering up – it looks super chic! As you must know, tie dye women co ord sets are trending big time this season – you can add more classiness to it by simply throwing on a blazer. Finish your look with a pair of high heeled sandals.

On that note:

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