Bold Colors Are Amazing for Your Body and Mind; Here’s How

Bold Colors Are Amazing for Your Body and Mind; Here’s How - Huedee

Bold Colors Are Amazing for Your Body and Mind; Here’s How

In essence, colors dominate Indian consciousness. India is a Land of Colors – our vibrant culture, colorful street life and vivid religious symbolism are manifestations of our innate fascination with colors. We don’t feel intimidated by the bright shades of red, blue or green, rather we feel ecstatic when we see so many peppy shades around us. Some may call this Indian peculiarity, but we treat it as a part of our life and existence.

In fact, our obsession with colors is reflected in the clothes we wear. Our wardrobe is an incredible medley of colors, designs, patterns and fabrics. While muted shades of black and brown takes a back seat, flashy colors tend to dominate the front racks. These colors not only brighten our OTT but also uplift our overall mood. Several studies suggest that there exists a profound link between color and emotions and colors leave a deep psychological impact on our body and mind.

This is why below we have put together top 3 reasons saying how bold colors can be amazing:

Colors Draw Instant Attention (in a good way)

Agreed or not, gorgeous bright colors drag attention. If someone walks into a room wearing a snazzy yellow dress, everyone is bound to take notice. The first thing they are going to notice would be the color, followed by the style, cut and fit of the dress. So, if you want to turn heads and simply slay, wear bright colors in key pieces and see the difference.

Bright Colors Boost Self Confidence

Want to feel confident? Wear pops of colors. Colors affect our psyche. Although the color theory isn’t as precise as science, there are a handful number of things we know about color and how it influences the way we are seen.

Of course, colors can’t make you successful, but yes, they can definitely make you feel positive and self-confident. In fact, research says the best way to fix a bad day is by wearing flamboyant colored clothes; they are sure to boost energy and radiate body positivity.

Dark Colors Sometimes Accentuate Grayscale Mood

As a matter of fact, a majority of women prefer wearing dark colors because they are safe and always present in the closet. Most of these women shy away from flaunting bold extravagant colors – and that’s such a shame.

In our opinion, you should never be afraid of colors. We agree that an LBD is an eternal fashion favorite but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with warm colors and eccentric patterns. A dash of color not only spices up your closet look but also lends interest to your everyday look. Moreover, dark colors make you look older. They accentuate wrinkles, lines and shadows; thus, we got one more reason to help you navigate towards color-centric garbs. The latter is pure love!

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