Colors and Its Significance in Fashion Industry

Colors and Its Significance in Fashion Industry - Huedee

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Fashion is a powerful art that enables individuals to express their personality. Fashion designers while designing a garment, have to take care of number of things, like fabric, design of dress, silhouette and embellishments. Among all these features, the most dominating one is the color of garment. Simply put, no matter how beautiful the design of an outfit is, color alone can accent or spoil its beauty.

We can say that color is the first thing people observe in our garments and the impact is instantaneous, and it also leaves a lasting impression. Meaning, if a person loves wearing a particular color repeatedly, then it’s easy to develop an understanding of his/her personality. This concept is popular even in psychology. The ‘color test’ invented by Swiss psychotherapist Max Luscher is a renowned test used to identify important personality traits in individuals.

Mental Health Awareness

In fact, ‘’color is the mother tongue of the subconscious’’– as Carl Jung, a psychoanalyst and Sigmund Freud collaborator, once famously said. Colors have such a strong influence on our mind, our emotions, our ideas, the way we perceive things and hence, how we respond to the world and also the kind of impression we make. It is the door to your mental, spiritual and physical state.

Hence, it only makes sense that we understand the meaning of different colors in fashion, so we can always dress in the right colors depending on our mood and occasion.

Happy Colors

Yellow: Bright yellow is the color of sunshine. It represents cheerfulness, freshness, optimism, enlightenment and energy. It stimulates the brain and nervous system, helps us to be more active and encourages conversations.

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Orange: A mixture of yellow and red, orange is the color of happiness, warmth, enjoyment, freedom, and also creativity and success. It is a flamboyant color that has many positive physical effects such as stimulating our appetite, boosting our confidence and promoting a sense of overall wellbeing.

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Colors to Appear Powerful

When we wear a dark color, we automatically feel more empowered. So colors like dark green, navy, chocolate brown, charcoal and black, enables us to be more influential and persuasive. Black is a classic color that can be selected when one wants to appear mysterious and gorgeous!

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Blue: the Stress Relieving Color

The color blue conveys a sense of peacefulness and coolness. It is very positive for our mind and body and signals our body to produce chemicals that have a calming effect. Hence, it helps recover from stressful situations. When you want to come across as a loyal and confident person, always opt for blue. That is why most uniforms and logos are created using shades of blue.

Blue-greens are also very soothing colors with stress-fighting abilities.

Make a Good First Impression in Pink

Pink is delicate, sweet, charming and playful. Pink makes a person look approachable and friendly and it represents harmony, peace and affection. So when you’re meeting new people, slip into your pink dress to make a positive first impression.

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Red: Passion Color

Red is an intense color associated with strong emotions, such as love, desire, passion, sensuality and rage. It can enhance our breathing and heartbeat and draw interest and attention. When combined with black, red appears livelier and if combined with white, it looks more romantic.

On that Note:

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