How Color Influences Your Mood and Mind

How Color Influences Your Mood and Mind - Huedee

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The spectrum of colors serves as a pallet for your brain, which is used to paint beautiful and moving pictures and make us feel a variety of sensations. Many of us might not be aware, but the way we use colors deeply influences our mental and physical wellness, and our emotional response is intimately linked to the shades we wear and surround ourselves with on a daily basis.

While the perception of different colors is somewhat subjective and shaped by cultural traditions; certain psychological impressions of colors are universal. For instance, colors in the red region of color spectrum are ‘warm’, known to evoke feelings of excitement and passion, and the ones in the blue area are ‘cool’ and associated with calmness.

A Common example of how colors can alter your mood: A doctor from Missouri School of Medicine recommends using two types of screen savers to boost productivity while working. If you’re feeling lethargic, set a warm-hued screen saver containing bursts of red, yellow and orange to perk up your energy levels instantly, and when you need to calm your nerves, stare at a blue or green picture for awhile. For similar reasons, seeing individuals in red makes us think they are more attractive, while blue makes people look more trustworthy.

Color Therapy through Ages

The powerful effect of colors on our mood and mind has been nurtured since ancient times to heal ailments. Many prominent civilizations in Egypt, China, Greece as well as India relied on therapeutic properties of colors to restore health, and color therapy was considered an art connected to divine powers. In these treatments:

  • Red was utilized to charge the body and brain, and also improve circulation

  • Yellow was believed to purge the body and stimulate nerves

  • Orange was employed for boosting energy levels and treating lung diseases

  • Blue was used to soothe pain caused by various illnesses

  • Shades of indigo improved the condition of skin problems

Even today, color therapy, also known as colorology or chromotherapy, is used as a popular holistic treatment, and is backed by solid scientific research. Here are some surprising ways colors have been found to impact people:

  • Researchers have discovered that shades of red elicit reactions that are more forceful and swift– this can be used to improve athletic activities. In fact, a study performed during 2004 Olympic Games found contestants wearing red jerseys having higher win ratio than players wearing other colors.

  • One study found ‘hot colored’ placebo pills were good stimulants while ‘cool colored’ placebo pills were better depressants.

  • Owing to its soothing and peaceful aura, blue public lighting is believed to prevent crimes and suicides, and has been installed in a number of countries, including Japan and Scotland.

Amazing Ways Color of Clothes Control Mood:

Dressing in appropriate colors is an excellent way to feel positive and convey emotions accurately. The right shade can make you feel confident, look smarter, focus better, enhance stamina and cheer you up‑ among many other plus sides.

Want to come across as an active person in social gatherings? Add pops of orange to your clothes! And when you need to melt those stuck up persons, wear a color that makes you look beaming, humorous, wise and adventurous- choose yellow!

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Did you know that blue is the most popular color in the world! Yes, rigorous research has shown that most people pick blue as their favorite. Blue always reminds us of serene oceans and skies, and helps create a thoughtful and loyal look. So it’s great for that all-important first meeting!

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Violet is perfect for appearing sophisticated, mature and self-confident.

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Feeling uneasy and anxious? Maybe, pink will help! Pink is a palliative color used for anger management issues.

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The color red rouses excitement and passion, and can easily make you prominent in a crowd. This makes red perfect for occasions demanding energy and drive, like parties and festivals.

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