Old is New: Tie Dye Makes a Solid Comeback in 2019!

Old is New: Tie Dye Makes a Solid Comeback in 2019! - Huedee

Old is New: Tie Dye Makes a Solid Comeback in 2019!

Who would have thought that quirky, bold and bright tie-dye garbs would make such a strong comeback in 2019?! Yes, spring-summer 2019 catwalks are overflowing with garments portraying splashes of spiraling colors. While fashion world’s obsession with nostalgia played a big part in bringing back this hip trend of the 1960s; another important reason why tie-dye will never die is its sartorial association with independence, free-expression and uniqueness – these qualities are always easy to connect with, and have reignited the fashion squad’s love for psychedelic patterns and hues!

Tie-dye pieces have a very relatable context. The narrative around tie-dye and its strong association with the hippie movement makes this trend a hit with the masses.

Here are 3 important elements which feel-good, tie-dye patterns embody:

Individuality: Tie-dye is an art that is powered by individuality. The traditional process includes tying fabrics with wax threads so that only exposed parts get stained with vibrant dyes. This technique ensures that no two prints are identical. And uniqueness is highly sought after in the rapidly changing world of fashion.

Change: Tie-dye has always been a totem for revolution. Back in the 1960s, when anti-establishment movements were rife, wearing tie-dye became a popular way to show your support for all things unconventional. In today’s fashion world, it is highly attractive if you can wear your views on your sleeve! Hence, the comeback story of tie-dye garbs looks pretty promising!

Sustainability: Tie-dye garments uphold artisanal skills and organic techniques. Many fashion lines are creating clothes using indigenous methods of tying and dying, which makes use of natural colors and organic textiles. This resonates strongly with the current fashion atmosphere where handcrafted and wholesome products are highly valued.


Huedee is the first Luxury Tie-Dye brand in India producing exclusive tie-dye garments that are nature-friendly and stylish, while complimenting your individuality and keeping you in good spirits! Check out our hippie style clothing made with only organic fabrics and colors. All the hippie clothes for women embody latest trends and feel super comfortable.

Why You Need Tie-dye in Your Wardrobe:

Instant Mood booster – Wearing clothes adorned with colorful patterns not only looks appealing, it also radiates feel-good vibes! Hence color-friendly, tie-dye clothes can cheer you up in an instant! You can don single toned pieces that sync with your mood, or go all out with multicolored spiral prints!

Brightens Simple Pieces – Today’s sartorial scene is all about minimalism with touches of vibrancy and glamour! Tie-dye garments work beautifully with solid items in your wardrobe. Think dark colored denims with charming tie-dye tees – you are set to make a sophisticated and unique fashion-statement!

Badge of Cool – Tie-dye is chill, trendy and insanely cool! Moreover, tie-dye is no longer restricted to baggy and shapeless silhouettes. Today’s fashion designers are blending the magic of tie-dye with the most modern designs to create clothes that are full of character and high on trend!

So, there you go: plenty of reasons to style up in colorfully stained tie-dye clothes this year!