Sunday Soul Sante: A Potpourri of Art, Culture and Fun

Sunday Soul Sante: A Potpourri of Art, Culture and Fun - Huedee

Sunday Soul Sante: A Potpourri of Art, Culture and Fun

Sunday Soul Sante is a feast for all your senses! Breathtakingly beautiful creations by talented artists mesmerize and inspire you; entertaining live shows refreshes your mind, and delicious foods tantalize your taste buds! So, take a break from the humdrum existence and rejuvenate yourself this Sunday, 17th of March, at Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad. Garments, accessories, decorative items and more – you can rummage through a plethora of treasures rich in creativity at unbelievable prices!

Event Concept:

Sunday Soul Sante is a magical medley of Indian crafts, music, performing arts, food and tons of amusement! Artistic talent and creativity runs deep in this nation. Indigenous artists are among India’s best assets! And this amazing flea market is an ode to the country’s thriving tradition of art and craft. It serves as an influential platform where artists can showcase their brilliant creations and this level of exposure fuels their creative passions too. By celebrating Indian traditional art through a hip, contemporary flea market, Sunday Soul Sante helps bring the youth of India closer to its rich heritage.

Asha Rao – Founder of Sunday Soul Sante

‘’It is a 15-year old story’’ – Asaha Rao

Her passion for Indian crafts and fabrics kept her going, notwithstanding the initial hiccups and defeats. Her reward? Her venture, Soul Sante, is now a big success story! In Bangalore, this flea market is organized five times in a single year. A talented team consisting of young as well as experienced minds work round the clock to see Sunday Soul Sante become a ‘’national creative phenomena’’. Their vision is to demonstrate to the world that Indian art and design are nonpareil!

India is brimming with artistic talent – they are young, lacking exposure and struggling hard.  Because of Asha Rao’s project, their works are now getting the recognition they deserve.

While there are many interesting events and products at this flea market to hook you for hours, check out the one-of-a-kind stall by Huedee – the vibrant creations there will cheer you up in an instant!

Huedee: #ColorForEveryone

Huedee, a luxury apparel brand offering unique tie dye clothing, aims to promote mental health awareness through colorful fashion. Contrary to popular belief that tie-dye is a western art form originating in the hippie culture, it is actually a centuries-old oriental textile art practiced in countries like India and Japan. Bandhani, an ancient resist dying method practiced in India, is one of the oldest fabric dyeing crafts in the world. And thanks to the adoption of tie dye by hippies, this art will forever embody freedom, change, uniqueness and unconventional living – these connotations make tie dye very relevant to present times.

So, don’t miss out on tie dye shirts, pet scarves for dogs, tie dye tank top for women and many more exciting tie dye pieces at our stall at Sunday Soul Sante! Our trendy and color-friendly creations will definitely perk up your style and mood!

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