The ‘IT Colours’ of 2019 Is Revealed Here

The ‘IT Colours’ of 2019 Is Revealed Here - Huedee

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Colours evoke emotions. While this year’s intense pastel colour palette has been like a breath of fresh air, next year is going to be all about drawing inspiration from ‘empowering’ hues. Fashion stalwarts across the globe anticipate classic palette, lively hues and striking contrasts will dominate 2019.

Speaking from a psychological perspective, bold colours brighten up our mood. They release a feel-good hormone, dopamine that stimulates and excites our brain. They encourage ‘empowerment’ too – in this context, Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute said, “It’s a word that has gotten into some play and is really going to show itself in the Spring Collections of 2019. Confident, uplifting, joyful hues, but the undercurrent is empowerment to all of them.” The company is touted as the global authority on colour.

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Now, take a quick look at these 5 ‘standout colours’ that are set to rock 2019 runways – they are authentic, fierce but not too overpowering.

Auburn Red

Elegant, feminine and regal, Auburn red is the colour that conveys the energy of confidence wherever we go. It is magnificently vibrant and grabs instant attention.

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Though we’ve seen how terracotta has emerged out as a leading trend in the fashion space over the last few seasons, 2019 is expected to feature warmer brown-toned hues, swerving towards Auburn, becoming darker by the day.

Powder Blue

Cool and calm, blue is a shade that has recently joined the ranks of white, beige, black and grey – 2018 has seen a lot of cerulean, cobalt and sky blues. However, the blue that is captivating the Fall-Winter runways this season is different. It is milder in shade and a bit dustier.

Powder blue is the IT colour of 2019. Versatile and on-trend, it adds a dash of pop to any outfit without going overboard or disappointing those who prefer an all-neutral wardrobe.

Sapphire Yellow

The colour Sapphire Yellow resonates with positivity and mood-lifting charm. On one hand, it embodies the power of sunshine and delicious flavours from the tropics, while the other screams of neon lights and road signs.

Thus, it is universal and unisex in appeal. That’s what makes it so desirable and an absolute fashion favourite.

Shades of Orange

A relatively young colour, Orange, in a slew of shades is winning hearts of the millennials. It is the ‘colour of the moment’ and is anticipated to pass off as the go-to colour of 2019.

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Peach, earthy, salmon and neon are a few tones which have already made an appearance during Fall-Winter 2018 collections, and they were head-turners. In the coming season, we are going to witness more flashes of sculptured orange, intense and vivid, amidst a pool of monochromes. So, brace yourselves!

Deep Olive Green

Akin to military green with a dash of golden undertone, deep olive green seems to be a HIT in the upcoming season. The understated colour has quickly progressed to being an unyielding staple in the contemporary fashion scene in the last couple of years. 

Reason: Olive green is a brilliant neutral colour to embed into your everyday style statement. Neither too bold nor too quiet, this beautiful tonal shade of green begs to be tried next year.

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