Theory Of Colours !

Theory Of Colours ! - Huedee
Colours through various means In life has always been a very integral part of my life. Starting from the various weird hair colours From Blue, Pink to Green I have had.
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It actually defines who I am and I never happened to do it for attention seeking or anything it’s just who I am and what defines me. I have had all sorts of hair colours depending upon my mood.I personally feel that colour plays a very important role in everybody’s life through different mediums. For some people its clothes, for some it can be interiors, paintings, art it can be anything. Colour is something that even shapes your mood. Like how we can show or portray different moods through colour in films, paintings art and so on.

Huedee Color theory Blog
Mental health these days is a big issue which everybody seems to ignore. I believe everybody currently suffers from mental health issues through different forms and situations. Mental health plays a very important role is shaping Who we are.A lot of people are also understanding the importance of the mental health issues and they diverge into yoga, exercises and a lot of other mediums.Its also very important to educate people about the intensity of this problem as it can be very dangerous and self harming if not taken care of.