Top 5 Runway-Inspired Tie Dye Pieces to Flaunt This Summer

Top 5 Runway-Inspired Tie Dye Pieces to Flaunt This Summer - Huedee

Top 5 Runway-Inspired Tie Dye Pieces to Flaunt This Summer

Tie dye – a vibrant display of colors that can make you look like a unique piece of art (if styled correctly) and uplift your spirits in an instant! Although brought to the limelight by eccentric hippies, this beautiful craft was invented in prehistoric times. Indigenous African tribes and Asian communities practiced several resist-dyeing methods, which are in style even today! The ancient Japanese Shibori method and Indian Bandhani method are renowned globally. From influencers, to A-list celebrities and models, to the leading fashion labels and best designers – the fashion circle is going through a nostalgia fest!

Runways Ablaze with Colors

All the key Spring/Autumn 2019 runways showcased tie-dye creations. The official verdict of the fashion world – tie dye is going to be a gigantic trend this year! At New York Fashion Week, designer Hillary Taymour exhibited a beautiful daily-wearable collection in tie-dye. This was followed by some mesmerizing tie-dye pieces by designers John Elliot, Prabal Gurung and Eckhaus Latta.

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But don’t for once think that embracing the tie-dye trend means looking like those rebellious suburban teenagers of the 70s donning their summer craft projects! Tie dye of the 20th century was gaudy and crude. Modern tie dye is a stark contrast in terms of aesthetics. It’s sophisticated and elegant, featuring attractive and soothing colors, and refined silhouettes. Moreover, they are very relevant to our current times. The central themes of today’s social dialogues are free-living, individuality, empowerment and acceptance. Thanks to the ‘famous’ counterculture of the 60s, tie dye has always embodied these qualities.

How to Look Smart in Tie Dye?

Who doesn’t want to look neat and stylish with a dash of exclusivity?! Tie dye is the key to nailing a contemporary look. Choose tie dye pieces in modern tailoring and pair them intelligently. You should balance out tie-dye’s hippie feel with classic clothing items like blazers, shrugs, trousers and denims in neutral shades. Wear a bright tie-dye garment underneath structured outerwear, pair patterns with plain white/black shorts. That way you will give off a put-together, summery vibe!

Scroll below to find 5 colorful and comfy tie-dye pieces that are totally cool for this summer!

Shades of dusty pink are in vogue. This ash grey tie-dye tank top is a marriage of femininity and confidence. To exude girly vibes, pair it with skirts. If you want to look hip, just slip into your skinny jeans.

This lively yellow tie-dye t-shirt will help you look fresh and happy, come rain or shine!

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With the mercury rising rapidly, it’s time to sport your cute, girly skirts! This blue, crumple tie-dye skirt makes any kind of top look stylish!

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More functional than playsuits, less forceful than jumpsuits; designed to be worn together but look equally great separately! This cool off shoulder coord set in navy blue tie-dye patterns can make your summer outings more amusing!

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Our unique tie-dye clothing isn’t just for fashion-hungry females, but also for dapper gentlemen! To check out some excellent boho men’s clothing online, drop by Huedee.

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