Top 6 Fashion Trends Women Should Zest For This 2019

Top 6 Fashion Trends Women Should Zest For This 2019 - Huedee

Top 6 Fashion Trends to Follow for a Chic 2019
Fashion is one of the biggest indicators of social mood. In 2018, runways echoed several important dialogues, like breaking conventional standards of beauty, supporting diversity and also the #MeToo campaign. This year also, many crucial conversations take centre stage, boosting innovation and originality in fashion. So, let’s raise our style quotient this year by embracing these 6 unique trends!

Colourful Fashion

According to fashion journalist Sujata Assomull – ‘’Good fashion is always a reflection of the times – it picks up on social and political issues of the day’’. In tune with the Pride movement gaining popularity over the last few years, rainbow dressing is the new trend in fashion. So, expect to see lots of bright colours in latest apparel collections.

Indian Crafts

Labels employing traditional Indian crafts are doing great globally on luxury fashion sites. Major retail brands, like Raymond, are incorporating ethnic art forms in their couture, while international labels like Fendi are sourcing textile crafts from India. On the other hand, ace designers like Sabyasachi, Swati and Sunaina are promoting handworks like zari embroidery. Hence, flaunting a wardrobe rich in Indian textiles and artistry should be you go-to style mantra in 2019.


Nowadays, everyone is moving towards sustainable life choices. Sustainability will be a major fashion influencer this year, strongly affecting purchasing decisions. So, look forward to an abundance of eco-friendly textiles, organic fabrics and recycled materials, ensuring better comfort and a cleaner environment.

Functional Garments

Functional garments are clothes that aren’t only aesthetic, but they can perform a variety of functions and are easy to care for. In 2018, we saw the revival of reversible clothing. 2019 will see garments, especially office wears, featuring roomy but hidden pockets, adjustable trouser length and slits, anti-stain fabrics, etc.

Boho Bridal

Hippie-inspired wedding looks are likely to be a hit this year! Flowers, wooden jewellery, fringes and flowy silhouettes – bohemian sensibilities will add a refreshing twist to bridal wear, helping modern brides emit a relaxed vibe. We will see more free-spirited brides feeling confident in unconventional styles and colours, and looking effortlessly chic in them!

Tie and Dye

This year, brace yourself for a tie-dye rebirth. 2019 catwalks are brimming with tie dye apparels and high street fashion labels are busy creating copies. We tend of think of tie dye as a gaudily colourful, whimsical trend with a hippie connotation. But modern tie-dye is very fashion forward. It is replete with refined fabrics, sober and elegant colour combinations and contemporary silhouettes. T-shirts, crop tops, jackets, skirts, dresses and trousers – unique tie-dye patterns can be spotted splashed across a variety of styles.

Current tie-dye garbs may be poles apart from 60s flashy ones, but it still reflects the same values – freedom and hope. Moreover, every tie-dye creation is unique and the result of the dyeing is unexpected, which mirrors the mood of the present times really well.

Huedee, the first Luxury Organic Tie Dye Clothing brand in India, brings you attires that unite many of the hit trends described above. Our hippie style clothing upholds sustainability and colours. Colours have a powerful impact on our emotional and mental wellbeing, and Huedee aims to promote this essential fragment of our lives through unique tie dye clothing. Apart from being vivid and trendy, our organic cotton clothing backs eco-friendly fashion choices.

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