Understanding the Essence of Bohemian Style

Understanding the Essence of Bohemian Style - Huedee

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Bohemian style has always worked as an exotic alternative to the traditional fashions of a given time. It is a style of dressing that embodies a free-spirited lifestyle, and one of its chief influences is the unconventional life of the hippies. In fact, “BoHo” is actually the short form for ‘’Bohemian Homeless’’ and represents all that’s offbeat, original and artistic! At its core, boho stands for a vibrant counterculture founded on creativity and a detachment from social structures.

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Boho style, during its apex in 2005, was closely connected to wardrobes flaunted by actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss in the UK, and to the popular actress cum businesswoman Mary Kate Olsen in the US. As Sienna Miller’s elder sister puts it: a ‘’real bohemian’’ is ‘’someone who has the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, is a profound romantic, doesn’t know any limits, whose world is their own creation, rather than living in a box’’.

Bohemian Roots:

The first decade of the 21st century saw boho style reach an all time high. The young and fashionable generation was living their bohemian dreams through their wardrobes! They gravitated towards flowing, layered and colorful clothing which draws inspiration from the nomadic, spirited and non-materialistic views of gypsies. Hence, bohemian fashion is essentially a reflection of an alternative way of life.

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The components of boho fashion were rife during the ‘’Summer of Love’’ of 1967, which was a social phenomenon endorsing hippiedom and psychedelia. Thousands of people sporting boho dresses and behavior converged in San Francisco, where community values, compassion, harmony and free-expression took centre stage. Hence, boho style will forever be closely associated with the hippie culture. Truth be told, boho-chic never goes out of style – it just needs fresh additions/modifications to be back in trend!

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In addition to portraying various hippie influences, boho style is directly linked to intellectuals, artists and writers. It borrows elements from various fashion subcultures, such as the pre-Raphaelite women of the 19th century, who were a group of English artists working to reform art by eliminating its traditional and mechanistic approach.

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Sienna Miller’s Impact on Boho Fashion:

Sienna Miller became such a notable advocate of boho fashion that sometimes the term “Sienna-ishness” was used synonymously. Her style choices played a major role in how trendy boho-chic became in 2005, which was seen everywhere, starting from the streets to high-fashion circles. Floaty skirts, slouchy sundresses, vibrant tie-dye colors, peasant blouses, cropped lengths, embroidered jackets, ethnic jewelry and more – Sienna’s boho sensibilities resonate with the masses even today!

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