Why We Need to Take Sustainable Route to Style

Why We Need to Take Sustainable Route to Style - Huedee

Why We Need to Take Sustainable Route to Style

How can we be happy with our current wardrobe when an enticing collection of trendy garments are up for sale at affordable rates every season? Yes, it is unbelievably tough to not keep buying more! But before you splurge again, think once about the environmental impact of fast fashion.

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion aims to deliver catwalk and celebrity styles swiftly at minimal cost. As a result, the movement of trends from catwalks to stores is lightning fast! New collections every season might be super exciting, but it also means wastage. Bulks of trendy garments don’t always reach end consumers and since they become outdated at the end of the season, they generally get dumped in landfills or are incinerated, generating a slew of toxic substances, like CO2, methane and leachate. These hazardous substances have seriously damaged the quality of air, water and soil. Not to mention, fast fashion also puts immense pressure on non-renewable resources – the fuel running fast fashion industries.

In the face of such grave environmental issues, the need for alternative fashion routes has hit an all-time high.

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

Sustainable and ethical fashion focuses on producing garments which are beneficial for the society as a whole and significantly minimizes ecological impacts. Ethical means following what is morally correct and this doesn’t end with the manufacturing process. Ethical practices start from the production of raw materials and ends in the choices consumers make. Sustainable fashion promotes a number of ethical habits, like organic cultivation free from toxic pesticides, eco-friendly manufacturing process, no forced/ child labor, safety of workers, etc.

Organic Cotton over Conventional Cotton

Cotton is one of the most widely produced crops, but conventional cotton has earned the name ‘’dirtiest crop’’. This is because its cultivation involves billions of dollars worth harmful chemicals, many of which have now been banned by WHO. These dangerous chemicals contaminate water, soil and also cause occupational diseases.

Organic cotton is healthier for our environment in every way. It passes through organic certification, which ensures that working conditions are safe and production processes protect resources and biodiversity. Organic cotton uses 91% less water than conventional cotton production, uses compost and beneficial insects to fight pests and increase fertility, and also helps diminish the effects of global warming.

Visually Appealing Organic Fashion:

Prioritizing ethics doesn’t have to imply a compromise on aesthetics. Organic doesn’t always mean simple, monotonous and earthy shades. There are many brands which produce garments that are organic yet high on trend!

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