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Huedee is India's First Exclusive Tie-Dye brand on a mission to inspire and connect with the free spirited minds and raise awareness about free-spirited attitude, equality, individuality and freedom !

Our quality is exceptional with modern and unique tie-dye designs. Our signature handmade process with quality colours brings grace to your wardrobe.

All The Prices are Inclusive of Taxes and Free Shipping Cost ! We Ship Worldwide !


Huedee offers you the opportunity to customize your boring white tees, shirts, socks, sweatshirts, caps & dresses into a vibrant tie-dye masterpiece for an easy way to keep your fall full of fun, bright looks. 


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Tie-Dye is evergreen, bright and fun trend. It promotes LOVE & PEACE. We believe #Tie-Dye can be viewed as a peaceful, but defiant protest against conservatives. It’s a reflection of FREEDOM and HOPE and today's generation is in need of it !

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul." We are a 100% handmade brand giving due respect and recognition to artisans and connecting their skills with the market.


Huedee is not just any fashion label. Launched with a motive to create awareness about mental health, it has a feel good factor. Colours give happy vibes. Mac (my pet dog) made happiness prettier in Huedee.

Huedee Testimonial Review
Tanya Agrawal

Huedee clothes are one of a kind with vibrant colors and best of cloth..wear and feel young foreva 😍

Huedee Review testimonials
Poonam Bhuwalka

Really nice stuff. Love the color and fitting of the t-shirt <3

Huedee Product Review Testimonials
Pawan Bhuwalka

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