Huedee Story

Hue-Dee let's get the pronunciation right. Hue relates to colour and Dee signifies river. Huedee was born in 2018 out of our love for colours, and who doesn't love colours right ? Each colour signifies an emotion, inspires us and drives our hormones in a way you would be surprised, imagine colour red for say. In short we love colours and our aim is to add colours to your wardrobe.

Huedee is India's first exclusive luxury apparel brand on a mission to inspire and connect with the free spirited minds and raise awareness about free-spirited attitude, equality, individuality and freedom.

Our quality is exceptional with modern and unique tie-dye design. We tailor a signature handmade process with quality colours to bring grace to your wardrobe.
Our Motto 'ColorforEveryone' seeks to inspire the free spirited minds and happy souls living freely !


Huedee logoTHE OCTO-HUE

The inspiration comes from the animal Octopus which is also considered to be one of the most intelligent creatures living in the sea.

The eight legs of the octopus represents 8 colours the brand designs its vibrant colours with.

Did you know? Octopus has three hearts? This brings to you our belief, passion and love poured into making apparel for you !

Fun Fact : If you clearly notice you will see the letters HUEDEE is visible on the logo