An Ode to Tie Dye’s Psychedelic Soul

An Ode to Tie Dye’s Psychedelic Soul - Huedee

The powerful ambience of love, peace and change deeply impacted the music scene. Rock music was the backbone of social change, an acoustic weapon of free-expression of unconventional attitudes. Akin to the inspiring, psychedelic rock music of the 1960s, colorful, bold tie-dye attires became another strong outlet of nonconformist views.

An Ode to Tie Dye’s Psychedelic Soul

Groovy tie dye fashion and the rock and roll culture go hand in hand. They both are potent voices of the social change America was going through in the 1960s. This decade brought a slew of social issues, mainly concerning civil liberties, to the forefront. The young generation wanted to escape strict social norms that were robbing them of their freedom. Alternative and rebellious lifestyles, ‘free love’ and ‘peace for all’ were encouraged, and these liberating philosophies led to the birth of the famous ‘Hippie Culture’.

An Ode to Tie Dye’s Psychedelic Soul

The cultural transformation of the society found an echo in the music of that period, which in turn influenced every aspect of life, starting from fashion to language. In the fashion scene, swirly, whirly tie-dye patterns became a sensation!

Psychedelic Fashion

Popularized by music icons of the 1960s, the whole youth generation leaped on the tie-dye bandwagon! The 60s saw the making of legends like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. They made their inspiring, psychedelic melodies evident in their fashion too. Kaleidoscopic colors and psychedelic tie-dye patterns defined their style. Soon the tie-dye trend spread like wildfire! The American youth were prompt in adopting the look of their favorite superstars! Besides attires, tie dye was also used to create decorative banners, logos and souvenirs.

An Ode to Tie Dye’s Psychedelic Soul

 Tie Dye at Woodstock festival

Heart and Soul of 1960s Rock Culture

Below are 2 rock band legends whose music will ALWAYS inspire and sell…

The Jimi Hendrix Experience: We can all agree that no other guitarist will ever be as honored as Jimi Hendrix is! And his band, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, where he was the guitarist, songwriter and singer, was a legend of the 60s. Bold as Love, Hey Joe, Purple Haze, 51st Anniversary, Manic Depression and The Wind Cries Mary – his natural and beautiful music and electrifying guitar skills still overpower our senses! Such was the influence of this self-taught guitar genius that we even have a chord named after him – 7#9 ‘’Hendrix Chord’’.

An Ode to Tie Dye’s Psychedelic Soul

Pink Floyd: Pink Floyd in magic! Remember the lyrics from the album Echoes: ‘’Strangers passing in the street. By chance two separate glances meet, and I am you and what I see is me’’ and from the album Dogs: ‘’and when you lose control, you’ll reap the harvest you have sown’’ – their profound and introspective lyrics is what makes Pink Floyd a class apart in rock history! Syd Barret’ superior lyricism, followed by Roger Water’s humane lyrics always opens up multiple avenues for interpretation.

An Ode to Tie Dye’s Psychedelic Soul

The ethereal vocals, David Gilmour’s guitar skills, originality in music compositions, special non-instrumental effects and intellectual, theme based albums…everything is sheer brilliance!  Despite being 5 decades old – their songs hit us hard every time we listen to them!

Their Eternal Sway

The early demise of some of the greatest icons of the 60s, like Jimi Hendrix, Syd Barret and Janis Joplin, left the world in shock and despair…but their incredible music will rock the world forever and ever!

The overall concept, with the music, exploratory lifestyle and rebellion against institutional beliefs, can be called a collective experiment. In Abbie Hoffman’s words, ‘’The 60’s are gone…and the rock and roll will never be as great.’’

An Ode to Tie Dye’s Psychedelic Soul

The hippie culture fizzled out…but its transformative power has shaped the dynamics of our modern society. That's why 1960s will always hold a special place in world history.

Bringing back Hippie Fashion

Huedee is the First Luxury Tie Dye brand in India. We recognize the real power of tie dye lies in its ability to expresses individuality. That is why tie-dye never fades, but keeps cycling in and out of fashion.

This year Huedee is bringing back the 60s philosophy of freedom, uniqueness and happiness through updated hippie style clothing! Our boho dresses online are hip and organic – and above all, the inspiring colors promote mental wellbeing and encourage free spirited individuals!