How Colour affects our Emotional Well-being ?

How Colour affects our Emotional Well-being ? - Huedee

Colours help us to express different emotions, like red is used for anger, the expression “I’m feeling blue” is when you’re feeling sad and low. When one thinks of green, we think of serenity. Sometimes bright colours are used to get our attention. Colours stimulate and excite our brain, some improve our concentration, some make us calm, some are depressing whereas some can be cheerful.


Mental health from childhood to old age is as important to us as physical health as our emotional, social and psychological well-being depends on it. How we think, react, behave and handle stress is determined by the state of our mental health. Sometimes when we are stressed, it is seen that our immunity also takes a dip and our overall health goes down.
Emotions and Mental Health are super important. Our emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all interconnected. Our body responds to any stressors like anxiety, fear or sadness and happiness in a positive or negative manner which can affect our physical health. People can develop high blood pressure, ulcers or auto immune disorders due to emotional upheavals.
Hence, it’s very important to manage our emotions so that we develop resilience and are able to calm our mind and body and stay emotionally strong!