Huedee Addresses the Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness – Through Fashion

Huedee Addresses the Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness – Through Fashion - Huedee

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Do you feel a sense of calm in a blue room? Does the colour yellow make you feel chirpy and cheerful? Artists, designers and scientists have long believed that colours deeply impact our mood, wellbeing and emotions. The phenomenal artist Pablo Picasso once said, “Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,” – and we can’t agree more! With a motto, ‘Colour for Everyone’, we definitely count on how colours act as a robust communication tool leaving behind a profound influence on our lives and lifestyle.

How to Tie Dye

Colour therapy is the key. Not only does it boosts your confidence, but also takes care of your overall mental health. Each colour features a distinct light wavelength. The process of colour therapy or ‘chromotherapy’ uses this energy found on each shade and influences your physical as well as mental health. The result is therapeutic and amazing.

To implement this therapy, you don’t need to be a pro – just use these ideas in your home decor or in the clothes you wear. For help, Huedee is here! When it comes to using fashion for therapy, we are the ones who possess the craft to inspire free-spirited people and raise adequate mental health awareness – all through COLOURS. We believe in de-stigmatizing the whole notion of mental illness with a pop of colour. Our tie-dye designs are simple and evocative. The colours we use flatter you – they symbolize happiness, love and confidence.

Today’s fashion world is often depicted as a vortex of glitz and glamour, excitement and extravagance – an abode where culture is crafted and dreams are fulfilled. Yet, beneath the surface of all this craziness lies a separate world altogether. A dark world broods underneath brimmed with alcohol, drugs, disappointment and depression.  We aim to address that and more. Our work is a reflection of two things – perfection and emotion – both threaded with organic cotton clothing and quality colours. With a signature ‘handmade with love’, our designs instantly share a bond with the free souls and bring grace to their wardrobes. We are a luxury apparel brand designing ‘good clothes for a good cause’.

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You can easily recognize our versatile tie-dye designs and a unique splash of colours – we use the state-of-the-art creative process to design our apparels. Prudent use of colours is an integral part of nurturing creativity all throughout the process. We produce tie-dye tank tops, t-shirts, skirts, coord sets, pet scarves and more – check out our entire collection here.

Galaxy Crop Top, Halter Top Coord Set, Cherry Tomato Tank Top, Lime Punch Crumple Tank Top and Spiral Rainbow Tshirt are some of our most popular products. All of them scores high on fashion, style and comfort. They convey the right emotions and make you feel confident and optimist in your own skin.

In support of the cause, we have also collaborated with Lifeline Foundation – it promotes networking and raising awareness of mental health in Kolkata and its surrounding areas. We donate a fraction of our profits to boost awareness for mental health and make a difference; because it matters!

Mental health awareness

Likewise, if you want to drive change with a burst of colours, drop by our website or social media handles. Stay rest assured you won’t be disappointed! Our unique tie-dye designs, comfortable organic fabrics and superior quality colours will steal your attention and help you educate and empower, but in style!