Why Emotional well-being is the essential fragment of our lives ?

Why Emotional well-being is the essential fragment of our lives ? - Huedee

Namrata Chattaraj
Visual artist & Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Everything in our environment has the power to silently, subconsciously and energetically affect us and our energy. Everything in creation is made up of the 5 basic elements of nature. Air, water, earth, ether, fire.  Along with each of these elements comes a certain colour that is part of its personality and properties.
All the colours and their specific hues and shades also have further strength and unique impact on us. If one is surrounded by a lot of dark or dirty colours for example - they tend to be feeling or going through a certain muddied emotion that is not necessarily associated with joy, openness or freedom. It’s mostly chaos, confusion, depression, melancholy, anger. 
Pastels are supposed to be the gentlest colours, and something we see a lot of it around babies and hospitals. They tend to be soothing, calming, relaxing and make one feel safe.
Primary colours are happy, but can also be rather strong and powerful. Reds are associated both with anger as well as power and passion. Heightened shades of these emotions. So yes, colours have a huge impact on our emotions. Feng-shui goes into great details on this subject, in case one is curious to learn more.
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Her Thoughts about mental health: 
This could be a very long answer. But in short:
Firstly, I would call it ‘emotional wellbeing’, rather than ‘mental health’. Simply because the popular misnomer is that being mental is the same as being mad. Therefore, mental health is perhaps only relevant for those who are officially declared crazy.
Which is a sad and dead end approach to the most crucial currency of energy exchange and human behavior. Our emotions -and our own understanding and respect of them, should have been something we were taught long before language, school education or any big educational degrees. 
We have all seen the so called ‘rich’, ‘successful’, ‘famous’ who are great at achieving ‘things’, yet are sorely lonely, disconnected and sometimes deeply depressed or maladjusted to the world around them. 
In school and in life, we were always taught to compete get ahead be the best and get out there. But no one taught us how to get still focus on less love ourselves go deep within. 
We can see the effects of that in the highly polarized and dysfunctional world we live in now. This dysfunction has become the norm, simply because it is so rampant. That does not make it healthy or right. 

Hence- ‘emotional well being’ is the need of the hour. And deep discussions and accessibility towards understanding it better is sorely needed. But this is not talked about enough. So most feel awkward and shy around wanting to reach out or talk.
The governments (especially in India) don’t make it easier for therapists or potential therapy seekers either, by providing any systematic help / funds/ or support to make it more prevalent and accessible. 
And in order to have great thought leaders, Government officers, ministers, teachers - we first need solidly emotionally healthy and spiritually well nurtured children. Which all begins with conscious parenting, and a willingness to work on ourselves as people / parents/ and leaders. 
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Your experience and Journey on Emotional Well-being.
I have spent the last decade and more, working purely on these subjects - on myself. I have explored everything from various spiritual paths, philosophies, practices, to a wide gamut of healing modalities from energy work, sound healing, hypnotherapy to Family Constellation work and more. 
Having been through emotionally turbulent times, and always wanting to understand and decode the human mind and behavior, has led me to embark on my journey as a therapist. It wasn't something I was planning to become.
I have now worked with hundreds of people from all over India as well as abroad. I conduct one on one sessions in person and online, as well as conduct various life changing workshops.
My aim and constant endeavour is to make this subject a fun and exciting one and for it to not be seen as a dark and dreary black hole of endless self critiquing and self fixing. 
My goal is to empower the ones who come to me, so they don’t need me anymore. 80-90% of the time this happens, and my clients shoot well ahead of me. Sometimes they come back and help and inspire me in amazing ways too.
This is the most satisfying and enriching work that is an honor for me to be able to do. Emotions are awesome. So are all the colors and phases of life. 
There is nothing to fear, once we make peace with this knowledge! :-)
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