Tracing the Roots of Organic Art Tie-Dye – Now a Hit Trend

where to buy tie dye

where to buy tie dye

A trance of pulsating colors, freedom of expression, love, peace, and harmony with nature – tie-dye conveys all these and more…It is a unique fabric art that always reminds us how fashion can express volumes.

Tie Dye – A way of life

This art of tying and dyeing inevitably transports our minds to the world of hippies, which was marked by its strong freedom ideals, fervent peace movements and a nonconformist lifestyle. People emanated love and harmony, which was mirrored in their easy-going and flowing wardrobes.

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Vibrantly stained tie-dye dresses reached peak popularity during 1960s and 1970s. This was an art that survived on the modest income and creative energy of youngsters. Eccentric-looking tie-dye patterns broke several fashion traditions – in tune with the trend of deviating from accepted social norms prevalent during that time. Swirling, pulsating tie-dye prints perfectly captures the essence of this culture…they are emblems of a free-spirited and radical lifestyle. Multicolored patterns were also used in peace symbols and student protests popular during this period.

Oriental Roots

The hippie culture has certainly put its hallmark on the tie-dye trend. But this art wasn’t born during their age. In fact, the practice of tying and dying has existed for centuries. The origin of tie-dye can be traced to cultures in India, Indonesia and Japan, where resist dying was a well-known method to create stunning and unique fashion.

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The processes involved in tie-dying were labor-intensive and organic. Dyes were extracted from natural sources, like flower, stem, roots and leaves of a plant, which were then brewed in hot water to produce rich pigments. The textiles underwent an array of resist techniques like gathering, tying knots etc., following which they were soaked in the dyes to create garments ablaze with bright colors.

Contemporary Relevance

All through these years, tie-dye has not only survived, but thrived in the fashion scene because of its unique and vibrant character.

In modern fashion, tie dye has learnt to play with trendy elements. Tie dyed clothes of the 60s and 70s were a bit over-colorful and loud, making them unsuitable for a sophisticated atmosphere. Currently, the colors used in this art are muted and refined. Tie-dye style is being fused with chic silhouettes and contemporary designs. The low-key shades doesn’t overwhelm the design scheme, rather enhances it.

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Minimalism is the defining philosophy of the modern fashion space, but it runs the risk of becoming boring. Tie-dye is an amazing way to add interest, contrast and bursts of color to it!

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