Blogger Collaboration


Hello Girls,

For Collaborations 

Eligibility -
1) 10k followers on you social media profile
2) High quality images / videos

Apply for review by filling the form below and we will get back to you via email with all the details regarding

1) Images / Video requirements by Huedee
2) Your monthly coupon code value based on review (Between Rs. 2000 - 5000)

You will be required to

1) Style the outfits and click 5 high quality images and optional behind the scenes or creative videos and share them with us via email within 7 days of receiving the outfits
2) Post Images on your social media profile using the tag @huedeeofficial and mention us in your bio/profile

Q) What will the reviews be based on ?

A) All eligible entries will be reviewed by our creative team base on

1) Aesthetics
2) Picture Quality
3) Your personal style statement / poses / creativity /story-telling content
4) Post Engagement and reach

No other factors will be taken into consideration

Q) What to mention in the form ?

1) Social Media Handle Link
2) Social Media Followers
3) Youtube Account (if any)
4) Blog Link (If any)
5) Name 
6) Email id   


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